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Eventide Staff

Hi AlainTH,

Congrats on your new H90 and thank you for your support. What you are looking for is a way to mix two signals but have one instrument not be affected by one of the algorithms. This can be done in Insert Routing mode (default) using a stereo insert as an injector.

-Press Routing to enter the routing menu. Make sure you’re using a series routing signal flow.
-Turn the third Quick Knob until it says Stereo Insert.
-Turn the first Quick Knob to position the stereo insert in between A & B.
-Connect your second synth to Inputs 3&4. Leave Outputs 3 & 4 disconnected.
-In the Routing menu, turn the Select knob to access the Insert parameters. Notice the third option on the display is “Mix.” This is the insert return Mix. Set this to 50%.
-Now, you will be able to mix the signal connected to inputs 1&2 with the signal from 3&4. The signal on 3&4, however, will not be affected by effect A, whereas the signal at inputs 1&2 will go through both algorithms A & B.