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Eventide Staff

HI rograt,

I have the play modes assigned to a 3 way footswitch…I was hoping that when I press the switch again it would toggle to Perform Mode 2 (and back) – like on the unit.

I understand what you are asking for and I can relay the message to the team. I can see how this same button function would be useful. That being said, on the H90, successively pressing any of the mode buttons, Select or Perform, does not return to the previous mode. Rather, you must press each specific knob/button to get into the mode you want. You say these same modes are mapped to a 3-button footswitch. Wouldn’t pressing the correct mode button work the same way for you?

An even smaller thing. In H90 Control, it took me ages to find the Program Bypass switch – mainly because it wasn’t near where I expected it to be. The lower right also requires quite a cursor movement. Can we have it somewhere more obvious and more convenient please?

Noted.We thank you for your feedback.