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On most factory programs if I go into Perform mode I get a bypass toggle on the 3 main switches. If I click on the Perform knob again I get momentary bypass options. If I click on the knob again I go back to the toggle bypass options.

I think I understand the source of the confusion. I was thrown off because originally you had mentioned “Play modes.” Eventide considers the play modes to be Select, Perform, and Bank; I thought you wanted to switch between those, but what you want is a way to toggle the Perform mode functions from an aux switch, correct?

I want to reprogram those 6 options but I can only access 3 via my external 3 way switch. I could stomp on the Perform knob but I fear one day I will have an accident.

Whenever we enter the Perform mode, we have six performance controls across two pages. You could have three on the H90 itself (1,2, and 3) and assign the other three to the aux switch (4,5,6).  In System settings, in the Global-Pdl Ctl list, you have options titled PERFORM 1, PERFORM 2, PERFORM 3, PERFORM 4, PERFORM 5, & PERFORM 6. You can assign these to any aux switch number you want. Doing so will allow you to access the performance functions without even needing to go into Perform mode. In fact, you could have two 3-button aux switches connected to H90 and always have all six perform functions available; you could even use MIDI. The great thing about using the “PERFORM” mappings I just mentioned, is that the actual functions for every Program can be different but your aux switches will always just point to the button positions in Perform mode.