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That may very well be what’s going on here.  The differences between MIDI configuration in the H9 & the H90 will naturally lead to some confusion among longtime H9 users.  To summarize what Tyler said above:

  • In the H90, PC messages will only affect Program Changes currently, and cannot be remapped, or used to trigger other functions.
  • The H90 PCs are currently ‘off by one’, relative to the H9 MIDI implementation.
  • The H9 has the ability to Activate OR Bypass OR Toggle Between Active & Bypass, via PC or CC message.  The H90 implements 2 ways for Act / Bypass via CC only.  It doesn’t feature mappings to Activate or Bypass individually.

To mimic the H9 Bypass-only in the H90, send CC#0 with a value of zero (0-63).  You will need to re-Activate with a 2nd CC message, Aux switch, or the onboard switches.

If your MIDI controller only sends CC#0 with a value of 127 (64-127, or it can’t be reconfigured), you will have to live with 2 switch presses to Bypass (currently).