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Shift A & B drops you to Eb tuning at -m2, then to D at -M2.  You are dropping a minor 2nd, or a Major 2nd.  This is where you increase or decrease the pitch shifts in semitone steps.

Detune A & B adds or subtracts 50 cents to the Shift values above, in 1 cent increments.  Fine-tuning Shift A & B values, by up to +/- one quartertone.  You might use this to match an instrument that isn’t exactly tuned to A440.

But usually, it is used to offset shifted pitches by a very small amount, for a detuned (chorusing-like) effect.  Think of it like the EVH micropitch effect for W/D/W fatness, or an automatic double-tracking effect.  Sounds like multiple guitars / instruments playing together (or the “hoover” effect with detuned sawtooth oscillators in synthesizers).

You’ll hear what I mean with settings like this:

  • Mix: 50
  • Shift A & B:  Uni
  • Detune A:  -10
  • Detune B: 10

You can enhance the triple-tracking illusion with very slight amounts of delay, such as this:

  • Delay A:  0.010
  • Delay B: 0.020
  • Feedback A: 0
  • Feedback B: 0
  • Pan A: -25, -50, or -100 (narrow to wide spread)
  • Pan B: 25, 50 or 100 (narrow to wide spread)

Of course, this is in a stereo setup.  Works almost the same with mono, though.  All this will come in handy across many H9 / H90 algorithms with similar features.  Polyphony uses the newest, most advanced SIFT technology to get you there.