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      hi all. just wondering is there a program where I can easily down-tune guitar 1 or 2 semitones easily aka eh pitch fork I just want to step on a pedal and have guitar tuned to e flat or d thanks

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      The best algorithm to use is Polyphony.

      • Mix = 100
      • Shift A (or A & B) = -m2 or -M2
      • Detune A & B = 0
      • Delay A & B = 0.000 s
      • Feedback A & B = 0
      • Inst Type = Percussive (or try Pitched)
      • Active & Bypass switching


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      thanks a million. do I use detune A B = to tune it? if so how much to E-flat and D. thanks again

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      Shift A & B drops you to Eb tuning at -m2, then to D at -M2.  You are dropping a minor 2nd, or a Major 2nd.  This is where you increase or decrease the pitch shifts in semitone steps.

      Detune A & B adds or subtracts 50 cents to the Shift values above, in 1 cent increments.  Fine-tuning Shift A & B values, by up to +/- one quartertone.  You might use this to match an instrument that isn’t exactly tuned to A440.

      But usually, it is used to offset shifted pitches by a very small amount, for a detuned (chorusing-like) effect.  Think of it like the EVH micropitch effect for W/D/W fatness, or an automatic double-tracking effect.  Sounds like multiple guitars / instruments playing together (or the “hoover” effect with detuned sawtooth oscillators in synthesizers).

      You’ll hear what I mean with settings like this:

      • Mix: 50
      • Shift A & B:  Uni
      • Detune A:  -10
      • Detune B: 10

      You can enhance the triple-tracking illusion with very slight amounts of delay, such as this:

      • Delay A:  0.010
      • Delay B: 0.020
      • Feedback A: 0
      • Feedback B: 0
      • Pan A: -25, -50, or -100 (narrow to wide spread)
      • Pan B: 25, 50 or 100 (narrow to wide spread)

      Of course, this is in a stereo setup.  Works almost the same with mono, though.  All this will come in handy across many H9 / H90 algorithms with similar features.  Polyphony uses the newest, most advanced SIFT technology to get you there.

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      ohhh dear though I truly appreciate you taking the time to write such a detailed reply. in truth, I just can’t seem to get close. I followed your settings exactly but I’ve got more of the strange unuseable noises [like the start of stratus\billy Cobham ]

      At this point to be clear I just want a simple drop tuner that will drop the whole guitar down half a step to E-flat [like a pitchfork] so I can play some Hendricks covers and other songs in my set without having to bring an extra guitar to shows.

      ill admit I’ve never used any type of pitch-based fx and having spent almost 2 days exploring and playing around with most of the algos it’s not really my kind of thing. Though I now can appreciate the work artists have put in to use them

      so is there just a simple way to drop the whole guitar down half a step? in an easy way for me to understand with no fancy settings like a pitchfork thanks again for your effort so sorry it was beyond me

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      or another fx that’s similar to the pitchfork is the poly capo in the helix though it has bad artifacts that make it almost unusable clean grt with full-on drive through

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      I don’t know, my friend.  Download the Eb DropTune Preset at the link below.  Import the Preset into H90 Control.  It is pretty much what I described above.  If that doesn’t do it for you, then maybe the H90 / pitch shifting algorithms just aren’t for you.


      So what’s wrong with Billy Cobham’s Stratus?  I love that tune, and the sounds in it!  Right up there with Quadrant 4, and the EchoPlex mangling.  For the Jan Hammer / Tommy Bolin lines, I’d use the HotSawz algorithm.  Although … Jeff Beck’s live version with Tal & Vinnie gives the original a real run for its money.

      Seriously, I hope this works out for you.  I added a few bells & whistles to the Preset that you don’t have to worry about now.  Expression pedal & Performance Switch stuff; it’s all in the Program Notes for later on.  The main thing is that Preset A has the Eb drop tuning, and you can make it active or bypass it with either the [P] switch or [A] switch.  The (B) switch does nothing (THRU algorithm).

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      I should have properly called it the Eb DropTune Program.  Too late to edit.  This Program contains two Presets.  Eb DropTune in Preset A.  And just a passthrough placeholder in B [THRU].  I still find myself slipping on occasion with the nomenclature.

      Direct Download Link:


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      hi. so sorry went to sleep then work. thought I wouldn’t touch a guitar or computer for a while. honestly so frustrated. the best sounds but can’t edit them yet. gggrrrrrr.

      so thanks again for your help I honestly wasn’t expecting a reply. when I read back the conversation I thought I sounded like a right prima donna [ truth is I was not really understanding what you said, the manual or the computer program ]

      I sincerely appreciate your 2nd effort as well as the first.

      soooo then I’ve downloaded your 2nd link. I still don’t know how to import or export files to h90. [ha didn’t even know it could do that ] so give me a couple of days to manual surf and when done ill get back to you on hear thanks so much……..


      I was reading some other posts on here and see your an indispensable wealth of knowledge and well respected here.

      however now I’ve met you I know what you really are.


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      cjcampbell2000, there are a couple easy ways to import a Program file.

      • Launch the H90 Control app, and look to your USER List on the left.
      • Drag & drop the Eb Droptune Program over one of the 99 slots.
      • If it’s an empty slot (INIT Program), the Eb DropTune Program overwrites it.
      • If it has some other Program in that slot, you’ll get a warning 1st that you’re about to overwrite the slot.

      That’s it.  As an alternative, you can right-click on any of those same User List slots, and select ‘Import Program’.


      I’m just another end user here on the forum, cj.  I have very little online presence, except with a handful of products that I believe to be exceptional, and way above the curve.  I like to dive deep, then share that with other users.  (Why not?) And I also like to follow any problems that I see to the end, if possible.  Let us know how this works out for you.

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      I tried what you are trying to do (e.g. try to make your standard tuned guitar sound like a dropped tuning) with Polyphony and I got the same results. The H90 is brilliant and constantly amazes me but this is one thing that, in my opinion anyway, it can’t do. That doesn’t mean it’s any worse than other pedal attempts from other manufacturers. I’ve tried a few.

      I suspect you would better achieve this with modelling (e.g. Variax or Boss SY1000).

      I’m sure we are going to get better Poly algorithms in the future but whether this is realistic or not is another matter.

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      hi Brock. well, I got in from work today dreading to turn on the computer and work out this preset import business.

      however what a pleasant surprise to see your latest response. I also read Rogat message and was then truly overwhelmed with,,,,, well you know.

      so I thought id give it a try as you went to such lengths

      well so happy I saw it through. not only did the Eb preset work but your instructions worked like a charm and the hidden phase thing was a delightful surprise that ill actually use.

      in a nutshell, I’m over the moon it’s genuinely fantastic and I couldn’t stop playing in fact I only stopped playing as I had to go to the toilet, thus finding the time to write back to you and grab a coffee

      I’m so impressed there are no artifacts in the sound as I’ve found in other big names. it’s perfect I don’t know how to thank you enough its one of the 5 reasons I bought the h90 and I was a bit disalushiond thinking it couldn’t do it. sooooo

      thanks again

      the very best to you and yours

      id love to hear some more of your presets you obviously know exactly what you’re doing. if you start a u-tube channel id be your first subscriber

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      Interesting. I always keep an open mind. I will also give it another shot.

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      yes, rograt you should it really worked for me anyhow good luck with it. I can finally retire the pitch fork confidently

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      Thanks cjcampbell2000 I’m not surprised you can retire the Pitchfork!

      I tried importing Brock’s program but got an error due to me using dual mode and the program saved for insert mode.

      Really slick system though being able to drag the file straight onto the list. The H90 is the gift that keeps on giving.

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      OK I got the essence of it –  a very simple preset to set up.

      This time I made a drastic change of guitar.

      Last time – modern Fender Strat with 2 point trem and strung with 9s (mainly because I was using this to set up a whole bunch of assorted presets)

      This time – Gibson Les Paul strung with 10s

      World of difference, far more in tune sounds and great fun with the preset going into a filthy amp.

      Really good fun! I can now highly recommend this.

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      Love it when a plan comes together.  I’m really happy this is working out for you guys.  Full disclosure:  I programmed this using a ’74 Gibson L6S, with 10s.

      Keep in mind I jacked the **** out of the In & Out Levels in Eb DropTune, to compensate for that MIX at 100.

      I kept it simple, to leave enough room for a nice 2nd effect in Preset B.  I had modulation in mind.  Say, that great new Even-Vibe algorithm.  Or get your EVH on, and go full on classic with one or the other Preset inside this:


      One thing to note, if you’re going to ‘cannibalize’ a Preset or two from an existing Program file.  You’ll need to remap any expression pedal or aux / PERFORM switch bindings.  Those all live at the Program level.


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      hehehe wow, another blessing truly appreciated thanks so much again ill check this one out when I get in from work. cant wait amazing thanks again

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