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ohhh dear though I truly appreciate you taking the time to write such a detailed reply. in truth, I just can’t seem to get close. I followed your settings exactly but I’ve got more of the strange unuseable noises [like the start of stratus\billy Cobham ]

At this point to be clear I just want a simple drop tuner that will drop the whole guitar down half a step to E-flat [like a pitchfork] so I can play some Hendricks covers and other songs in my set without having to bring an extra guitar to shows.

ill admit I’ve never used any type of pitch-based fx and having spent almost 2 days exploring and playing around with most of the algos it’s not really my kind of thing. Though I now can appreciate the work artists have put in to use them

so is there just a simple way to drop the whole guitar down half a step? in an easy way for me to understand with no fancy settings like a pitchfork thanks again for your effort so sorry it was beyond me