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I don’t know, my friend.  Download the Eb DropTune Preset at the link below.  Import the Preset into H90 Control.  It is pretty much what I described above.  If that doesn’t do it for you, then maybe the H90 / pitch shifting algorithms just aren’t for you.


So what’s wrong with Billy Cobham’s Stratus?  I love that tune, and the sounds in it!  Right up there with Quadrant 4, and the EchoPlex mangling.  For the Jan Hammer / Tommy Bolin lines, I’d use the HotSawz algorithm.  Although … Jeff Beck’s live version with Tal & Vinnie gives the original a real run for its money.

Seriously, I hope this works out for you.  I added a few bells & whistles to the Preset that you don’t have to worry about now.  Expression pedal & Performance Switch stuff; it’s all in the Program Notes for later on.  The main thing is that Preset A has the Eb drop tuning, and you can make it active or bypass it with either the [P] switch or [A] switch.  The (B) switch does nothing (THRU algorithm).