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hi. so sorry went to sleep then work. thought I wouldn’t touch a guitar or computer for a while. honestly so frustrated. the best sounds but can’t edit them yet. gggrrrrrr.

so thanks again for your help I honestly wasn’t expecting a reply. when I read back the conversation I thought I sounded like a right prima donna [ truth is I was not really understanding what you said, the manual or the computer program ]

I sincerely appreciate your 2nd effort as well as the first.

soooo then I’ve downloaded your 2nd link. I still don’t know how to import or export files to h90. [ha didn’t even know it could do that ] so give me a couple of days to manual surf and when done ill get back to you on hear thanks so much……..


I was reading some other posts on here and see your an indispensable wealth of knowledge and well respected here.

however now I’ve met you I know what you really are.