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cjcampbell2000, there are a couple easy ways to import a Program file.

  • Launch the H90 Control app, and look to your USER List on the left.
  • Drag & drop the Eb Droptune Program over one of the 99 slots.
  • If it’s an empty slot (INIT Program), the Eb DropTune Program overwrites it.
  • If it has some other Program in that slot, you’ll get a warning 1st that you’re about to overwrite the slot.

That’s it.  As an alternative, you can right-click on any of those same User List slots, and select ‘Import Program’.


I’m just another end user here on the forum, cj.  I have very little online presence, except with a handful of products that I believe to be exceptional, and way above the curve.  I like to dive deep, then share that with other users.  (Why not?) And I also like to follow any problems that I see to the end, if possible.  Let us know how this works out for you.