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Thanks for your reply. The H9 control app doesn’t recognize in any way my pedal…..(“no pedals found”).

TF is nor recognized using a tablet (android). I can’t use the H9 control with my MacBook because the app is not available for Mac nor for windows PC. I tried to download on my iPhone but, still, my pedal is not recognized. In this case a connection problem may exist as I can’t connect directly the usb cable to my iPhone (it has a lightning port) but I need a hub (how can I connect TF with my iPhone without using a hub?)

In any case my pedals doesn’t need updating nor to reset the factory presets (just done by initializing trough the procedure you recall in the last point).

Surely I’ m not using the original Eventide power supply as I purchased another one, long time ago, with the same features and power. It never showed any problem while using live in concert or at rehearsal: I can’t imagine how it could give troubles with the connection.

I checked the other points of your “tips list” and I think it seems everything is ok……

Thank you again