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hi Brock. well, I got in from work today dreading to turn on the computer and work out this preset import business.

however what a pleasant surprise to see your latest response. I also read Rogat message and was then truly overwhelmed with,,,,, well you know.

so I thought id give it a try as you went to such lengths

well so happy I saw it through. not only did the Eb preset work but your instructions worked like a charm and the hidden phase thing was a delightful surprise that ill actually use.

in a nutshell, I’m over the moon it’s genuinely fantastic and I couldn’t stop playing in fact I only stopped playing as I had to go to the toilet, thus finding the time to write back to you and grab a coffee

I’m so impressed there are no artifacts in the sound as I’ve found in other big names. it’s perfect I don’t know how to thank you enough its one of the 5 reasons I bought the h90 and I was a bit disalushiond thinking it couldn’t do it. sooooo

thanks again

the very best to you and yours

id love to hear some more of your presets you obviously know exactly what you’re doing. if you start a u-tube channel id be your first subscriber