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Love it when a plan comes together.  I’m really happy this is working out for you guys.  Full disclosure:  I programmed this using a ’74 Gibson L6S, with 10s.

Keep in mind I jacked the **** out of the In & Out Levels in Eb DropTune, to compensate for that MIX at 100.

I kept it simple, to leave enough room for a nice 2nd effect in Preset B.  I had modulation in mind.  Say, that great new Even-Vibe algorithm.  Or get your EVH on, and go full on classic with one or the other Preset inside this:


One thing to note, if you’re going to ‘cannibalize’ a Preset or two from an existing Program file.  You’ll need to remap any expression pedal or aux / PERFORM switch bindings.  Those all live at the Program level.