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A bit of an update on the progress of the 4 voice synth.  I’ve been working consistently on improving the sound and the user interface for the synth. I’ve redone the oscillators, and pretty much eliminated aliasing and the clicking that was occurring in the demo above. I’ve also redone the hard sync section so that it is much more reliable, and enhanced the FM section so that it is more like a DX7 modulator with adjustable modulation level that can also be modulated by envelopes, etc. I’ve also reduced the complexity and removed quite a few DSP blocks, so it should be more efficient.

I’ve improved the user interface so that each modulator has only a single amount knob (rather than an individual mix knob and and overall modulation range knob).  The interface now has a section for Oscillator 1, Oscillator 2 and Oscillator Modulation.

The distortion can now be bypassed.

I’ve still got a few things to fine tune, such as the gain staging, and the amp section, and am gearing up to test a new version later this week.