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One more… If both presets are in series on path 2 (mono in stereo out), will it convert to stereo at the output of preset A or preset B (I.e. the output of the pedal)?

Converts to stereo after Preset A.

I have this setup…  Dual Mode (Pre/Post).  Diatonic -> Shimmer (in series) on Path 2.  Path 2 for me is Mono in (input 3) and Stereo Out (Outputs 3/4).

If Shimmer is Active, I only hear Voice A from the Diatonic (on left and right).  If I bypass Shimmer, Voice A goes to one side and Voice B goes to the other, as expected.

I tried a few other effects in place of Shimmer (Hall and Flanger) and the same thing happened.  It is strange because if it was using a mono signal until the output, I should hear both voices in both sides but it seems like it is doing the Diatonic effect in stereo but not sending Voice B to the Shimmer.

I did update to the latest firmware