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As Brock said, the H90 cannot output MIDI note data, so this is not possible. The chart you shared shows that MIDI note numbers can have corresponding frequencies, but since the H90 cannot output MIDI note data, this does not apply.

The H90 can output MIDI CC data, but only by transmitting an aux switch or expression pedal as a MIDI CC. See MIDI Transmit here: https://cdn.eventideaudio.com/manuals/h90/1.3.0/content/system-menu/midi.html

It sounds like you may be referring to MIDI feedback. For example, if CC1 on your MIDI controller bypasses a Program and an LED indicates whether that controller is on/off, the H90 would also send MIDI data to toggle the LED status. This is not currently possible on the H90.

You can configure your MIDI controller trigger functions on the H90, but the H90 will not send any data back to the controllers.