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What’s the power draw in milliamps for power brick integration?

Although we provide a 12V 1 amp power adapter, the H90 can be powered with 600mA. Testing with our own PowerMax/Mini products we can safely run it at 12V 500mA because of the excellent efficiency of those power supplies. 9V works as well, but it’s a hungry 800mA.

Are the routing combinations (in/out/stereo/dual mono) configurable on a per preset basis ? thanks

The H90 has two global routing modes – Dual mode and Insert Mode. When you designate one, the program routing (series-parallel, insert positions [insert mode only]) can change on a program basis. Keep in mind, however, that Programs designed in Insert Mode do not work in Dual mode and Vice versa.


does the power mini come with a cable that will go straight into the h90? if so I’m going to buy one straight away!