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hi Brock and joe. so I’ve tried what you said again. range knob and second parameter page. the range knob only reduces the travel further and the 2nd parameter page has 0 effect on start end points of the exp pedal s travel. I’ve plugged in both my exp pedals [ehx and line 6 with both ts and trs cables. they both work fine on the helix floor and ehx superego for which I bought them. however, the line 6 with ts cable jumps at the heel position to 100 percent and back to 0 by the time the pedal has traveled about a 5th from the heel position. with the trs cable things get weird as it only goes from 0 to 41 on the manual mod. but still no movement for first 5th of travel from the heel. but it appears only for about 20-30 minutes before ejecting. I then tried a battery again and had no issue whatsoever soooo

finally, I noticed that my boss is being colored both in the loop and separately when I put it before the h90. it loses bass a small amount of treble and a bit of actual drive. I also tried other od pedals [ shins dumbloid ocd and scot mccanna sm fuzz] with the results being the same

if its possible you know what I could be doing wrong please please inform me. I’ve even tried reversing the exp pedal and changing the cross-over points in the 2nd page of parameters I’m so frustrated but thanks to any who can help.