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I stumbled onto this one backwards.  Not using your physical Insert routings / jacks for anything?  Looking for a super long delayed effect?

Select an INIT Program (blank THRU/THRU).

  • Load up a delay [UltraTap] in Preset (A).
  • Parameter Edit:  MIX = 100.  Length = 10.00s  Taps = 1
  • Load up another delay [Reverse] (or anything else) in Preset (B).
  • Parameter Edit:  Mix = 100.  Delay(s) = 3000 mS.

Tap the Parameters LED button again for the (P) INIT Program page.

  • Parameter Edit:  Mix = 50

Tap the Routing LED button.

  • Keep it in Insert Mode – Series.
  • Turn a couple clicks on Quick Knob 2 [Insert 1].
  • (1) should be in parallel (dotted line) with your two Presets (still in series).

Dry input signal, as always.  10 seconds later, the reversed delay tail pops through.

For extra credit:  Try looping the Looper.  CB Habit, I’m comin’ after ya’.