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Below is a message that I sent to Eventide support describing my experiences with this Head Space noise issue.  If I get a solution, I’ll post it to this thread.


“I recently purchased a new H90, and I am finding that all of the presets for the Head Space algorithm have a very high level of noise.  They sound like a white noise machine is running in the background.

I’ve attached two screen shots showing the settings of one of the presets that I have been tweaking.  I am running software version, audio version 1.873, and panel version M:1.415.  I’m using the provided power supply and running my guitar straight into the H90 and then out to my amp.

In playing around with the Head Space parameters, it seems like the Rec Drive is the biggest contributor to the noise.  When the Rec Drive is set to 10, I get very little noise.  As I turn the Rec Drive down, the noise increases.  Finally, when the Rec Drive is at 0, it sounds like a white noise machine.  Turning the volume on my guitar all the way down does not diminish the noise.”

Is it possible that this problem is due to a software glitch?  If not, is there any way that I can get rid of this noise without turning up the Rec Drive on all of my Head Space presets?

Thanks for your help.”



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