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Eventide Staff

Sorry, but it looks like you aren’t connecting the correct jacks in the pictures you’ve sent, and that may be what is causing your issue in the first place.

In your first pic, it looks like you have connected output 1 to input 1, but your insert is active and preventing the feedback loop from happening.

In the second pic, you have connected output 2 to input 2, and this is creating a feedback loop (that’s why the LED is red, indicating that channel 2 is clipping.)

I think your issue may be that you were never hooking up insert 2 correctly in the first place, and you were creating a feedback loop using input/output jack 2.

I would suggest starting from the beginning, testing out 1 pedal with 1 insert at a time, and paying careful attention to which jacks you are connecting your pedals to to avoid creating feedback loops.

For Insert 1, you must use input/output jacks 3. For insert 2, you must use input/output jack 4. The jacks are all labeled on the back of the pedal, and this image shows the numbered jacks as well – https://cdn.eventideaudio.com/manuals/h90/1.3.0/content/hardware/rear-side.html