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Hi mate,

Thanks for the feedback.  The block is designed to sum the inputs.  The other 6 outputs are active when you bypass the module, so when you bypass from the panel’s control, the audio is routed directly through the block, as if it isn’t there.

I could add another option to have seperate outputs for the inputs as you describe, where each channel is saturated and the volume can be adjusted.  It’s a reasonably easy change to it. Essentially I could put a mix setting where everything is mixed to Out 1/2 as it currently does, and when turned off, just gives 8 outputs after saturation and volume adjustment. Let me know if this would be valuable.

I’m also looking at building an octal channel strip at some stage in the future, so each of the 8 channels will also have parametric EQ, compression and a gate, with the option to gang each pair as a stereo pair.  Not sure on timing. Things are hectic at this end.

I was really pleasantly surprised at how good the saturation is on the H9000. I often use it in place of my tube pre-amps if I just want that colour.