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Sorry, it’s not quite clear what the issue you are having is, and this doesn’t seem to be the same thing as the original issue reported. Can you provide step-by-step instructions to reproduce the issue you are having?

no problem. This happened when using the app or on the pedal.  I’ll tell you when assigning on the app. I add the basic loop to my pedal. I have the clock responding to midi to sync with my other pedals. When I assign the button (a or b depending on which side I added the effect) to trigger the 1-step function so I can start/stop/erase with one pedal using the Morningstar for midi.  I’ve tried both the assigning of the cc number and the midi learn.  From there it seems to work for maybe one loop then it gets reset to act/byp for that button.  What am I doing wrong and let me if you have any other questions.