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Thanks for clarifying. Do you always use the expression pedal for controlling the mix of a Preset? One way you could go about this would be mapping your expression pedal to the HotKnob, and then mapping the mix parameter to the HotKnob. Now, when you adjust the expression pedal, the HotKnob bar will indicate your mix level, which is a much larger display than the Quick Knob. You can also create a global mapping so the expression pedal always controls the HotKnob, and you’ll just need to map the mix parameters of your Programs to the HotKnob – https://cdn.eventideaudio.com/manuals/h90/1.3.0/content/appendix/global.html


That’s a good suggestion. I did that and followed instructions, I believe. The HOTKNOB “meter” or bar doesn’t appear until I press the PERFORM button/wheel regardless of me adjusting the Expression pedal, is that normal behavior or is there a way to program the HOTKNOB “meter” where it will appear as soon as I adjust the Expression pedal?