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Eventide Staff

Hi cjcampbell2000,

Can you provide more information like the model of amplifier you’re using? What’s size speaker does it use? What kind of overdrive? When you say “in the loop,” are you referring to the H90’s loops or the amplifiers effects loops? Does your amp have an effects loop? The overdrive you’re putting “in the loop,” do you have any effects before it? Overdrives/distortions work best earlier on in the signal flow. Also, they work better when they’re placed before any parallel splits, usually not just on one side of a parallel routing. General guidelines dictate drives should go before any time-based effects like delay or reverb. You can experiment with placement when using modulation and pitch effects; sometimes it may be preferable placing the drives before or after these.

Have you adjusted any of the H90’s I/O operating levels by any chance? Do you have any other pedals before or after your H90? 

It’s true the H90 does not have a global EQ, so the only alternatives for tone shaping will either be other outboard pedals, the H90 algorithms, or the amp’s own tone controls.