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hi joe. so the amps im using are cornford hurricane, 76 fender deluxe, marshall origin 50 combo and a 72 super reverb. the drives I’ve tried are shins dumbloid, ocd v2, boss angry driver, route 66 and an original ts9

I’m using 1 cable from the guitar to h90 and 1 cable from h90 to the amp input.

I put 1 of the drives into loop 1 of the h90 but have also tried placing them before the h90 [no real difference]. placed before splits in parallel or 1st in the chain.

i am thinking maybe the unit is broken as I power drives with a separate ps, and the original wall wart for h90. when I do this it disconnects from h90 control continuously, but when I use a battery in od pedal no problems. I also have problems with pairing exp pedals and have tried everything to calibrate but it still won’t give me full travel and starts\ends 30 percent from the toe or heel position.