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hi. yes, the latest version of the software I updated when I received it less than a month ago.

I’m using a 2021 iMac I agree it’s strange to cut out the connection but I’ve tested and retested it a lot of times so it truly is the problem.

I went through the exp pedal setup with brock a few times I used a line 6 first and then went out and got a new ehx exp pedal thinking it would sort problem out. I have both TRS and ts and normal guitar cables and have tried many different combinations to no avail.

so this is wye I’m suspecting it’s faulty

obviously, I’m hooked on h90 and want to stay with the brand so I want to either sort out the problems it has or get Thomann to replace it but I’m scared of how long it will take as I waited 3 months for it to arrive

thanks again