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I have a few questions about the H90–first off let me say I am a big big fan of the pitchfactor and I am looking to replace my two pitchfactors on my current board with one H90.  With that in mind:

Let’s assume I am running either diatonic pitch shift or quadravox pitch shift on both sides of the H90. Can I set a single hot switch to tell both algos “this note I’m playing is the root” simultaneously? I’m doing this right now with my pair of pitchfactors; I’m using one external switch, multed to both PFs, to serve as an external switch performing the same function of the middle footswitch.

Secondly can I make the display of the H90 show me what key each of those two algos is currently set to? (The pitchfactor is amazing in this regard)

Thirdly can I send MIDI program changes to each “side” of the H90 simultaneously, but on different channels?

Don’t get me wrong the H90 looks amazing…I just hope it can “keep up” with the PF in these areas.