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Thanks for posting this update, Brock.

Tyler from Eventide, who has posted on this thread, has been troubleshooting this issue with me.  I’ve sent him some video clips, and it sounds like he has been able to recreate some of the noise that I’m hearing.

The controls in the Head Space algorithm seem very interactive, and there are several parameters that have some effect on the volume and character of the noise.  As I mentioned upthread, the parameter that seems to have the most dramatic effect for me is the Rec Drive.  When the Rec Drive is set fairly low–as it is in your patch, Brock–the noise is especially loud.  It sounds as if the Tape Hiss control is turned up, even when it is set to 0.  Tyler has explained that there is some volume compensation in the algorithm when the Rec Drive is low, so that may be one contributing factor.

In any case, I’ll keep you all updated!