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Hello –

FYI there will be a firmware update coming out very soon, mainly addressing MIDI sync and enhanced audio output options.

The ideas you mention are all good, and are on our list. Unfortunately they aren’t addressed in this coming update, and I can’t provide a timetable for when we might see them.

As far as getting a 16 note pattern going, one way to do it is to pick a scale with 16 notes or more, such as the 20 note equal tempered scale, press record, play in 16 notes and then press play. And then if you want a different scale, once it’s playing back you can switch, say, to the major scale.  You could also create your own scala file with 16 notes of your choice and use that as your scale, and then you wouldn’t need to press play. Let me know if you want help with that.

I realize these methods may not always suit your purposes, but I just wanted to make sure you were aware of them.