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… Is there an easy way to convert insert-mode programs to dual-mode?

With Factory Programs, the H90 simply loads alternate sets for Dual Mode.  If you mean this particular Fortissimo Program (or any download), then you’re going to have to put in the work:

  • Switch to Insert Mode, Confirm, and Import the Program.
  • Save To Library (3 vertical dots) on both the A and the B sides (Fortissimo DynaVerb and Fortissimo Shimmer).
  • Switch back over to Dual Mode, and Confirm.
  • Select any INIT Program from one of the new User Lists.
  • Go to the Preset Library tab at the bottom, and find Fortissimo DynaVerb for the A Preset, and Fortissimo Shimmer for the B Preset.
  • Go to the Routing tab at the bottom, and in Path 1 (or Path 2; whatever you prefer), put the A & B Presets in Parallel.
  • Name & save the dual-mode version of the  Program.

The expression pedal and HotKnob mappings will remain intact.  You will lose any Performance Parameter and any HotSwitch mappings in the original.  Effectively, you are creating a new Program.