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Eventide Staff

can someone from the tech confirm that this is psu failure?

Please contact support@eventide.com so they can troubleshoot.

Also, can you please elaborate what is the size of the power connector – I am trying different adapters from Strymon, and Hologram pedals, and 5.5 x 2.5 mm cannot fit the Space.

You need a 2.5mm barrel connector that has a  center-positive polarity. Most pedals use center-negative polarity so that’s probably why none of them work.

Another question, would it be ok to use Space with the quality multi pedal power supply bricks?

Yes, as long as the output provide 500mA at 9V and you use a 2.5mm barrel connector with center-positive polarity. With standard power supplies you’ll a cable like this: you’ll need something like this: https://voodoolab.com/product-category/cables/reverse2-5/

If it’s a Eventide or Cioks power supply you need a green Flex4 cable.