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Eventide Staff

I myself am not involved in preset creation, I’ll forward your request to our preset creation team and ask them to chime in. I know this wasn’t your intent, but I think the perspective you are suggesting – in your words, “H90 is full of weird sounds that are too useless” – does a disservice to the extremely hard work my colleagues have done. The factory programs on H90 are designed to introduce you to workflow and features. The factory default programs are not an exhaustive list of what is possible with H90, they are merely a taste of what you can find inside of it. And just because you have all that horsepower on hand doesn’t mean you have to be using all the bells and whistles, all of the time. In fact, my most-used H90 preset at home is the Tape Echo algorithm (from Time Factor) on its own, in mono. This is all to say, I think the built-in factory programs may not offer what you are expecting of them.

I would like to point you to the Algorithm Guide in the H90 manual. In addition to descriptions of the sounds you can find in each algorithm and what the controls are doing, there are MANY sounds and presets we’ve created for the Factors and H9 that may have some of what you’re seeking, and you can access these on your H90 through the Preset Menu (and also in H90 Control’s Preset Library). I think these presets contain what you are seeking from the pedal; they span the range from bread-and-butter classics to pushing algorithms to their extremes… but you won’t know what’s in there or know how to quickly manipulate algorithms to do what you want them to do until you explore these pages and your H90 a bit more.