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Home Forums Products Plug-Ins How to record noise generator sounds in H3000 Factory? Reply To: How to record noise generator sounds in H3000 Factory?


I’d wager Snowdune is referring to the patches in H3000 Factory bank 15 – Sound Design. This bank contains constant noise beds (Traffic Report, Siren, Alert, Windstorm, Ocean in the Background, et cetera).

In response to your question, Snowdune: in order to record these patches you will need to route the output of the H3000 Factory to an auxiliary track that has been armed for recording, and record it within your DAW in that way. This process is different for each DAW, so consult your documentation.

As for playability via keyboard, that’s likely not the intended use, with the plugin nor with the hardware. However, you may be able to automate certain controls like the amount of modulation per soft key. I am not familiar with the H3000 Factory, so consult the documentation for more information, or open your DAW’s list of automation-compatible parameters for an instance of H3KF.