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I have tried a few different setups.


Wet/Dry/Wet direct from the H90 was fun and easy to setup with output 1/2 to the wet amps and output 3 to the dry amp.

Same setup as above with a few drive pedals in a mono loop was pretty cool also, but i can never stop tweaking and reordering my gain pedals, so presets didn’t really work out that well in this setup for me.


Wet/Dry TPS style was very cool, but i missed some stereo effects.


Now I have a stereo setup with SA Ventris and Strymon timeline in a stereo loop and all gain pedals in front of the H90.

I really love this setup which makes it possible to run the Ventris and Timeline effects in parallel with the H90.


Might try this setup with a splitter before the H90 for a W/D/W version, but that will prevent me from having a 100% wet Leslie and similar sounds.

So I might end up getting a ES-8 or something similar for even more flexibility.