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Eventide Staff

Hi ark,

Your strategy is a good one. It’s important to note there really isn’t a default preset to every algorithm. Even the eponymous presets are just an option our designers cooked up, though they’re generally a good place to start. But, you’re on the right track using the Thru utility. Any Program can serve as the base of a new custom program, and during the save process, we can overwrite the current position, move to another position, or move it to another list entirely.

Another strategy, if you really wanted to start as bare as possible, is to load a list Iike User 2 thru 4. These come with INIT Programs that are populated with two THRU utility algorithms. You can then proceed to add an algorithm of your choosing in either slot. Then, surf through the presets of that program to see what you want to use as your starting off point.