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Eventide Staff

There is currently no official Program/Preset sharing page, but you can find some here: https://patchstorage.com/platform/eventide-h90/

It’s not clear what the issue you are having is with your Kemper setup. I don’t have a Kemper to test so I’m not sure what the conflict error messages you mention are, but the send/return FX loop should work the same with any piece of gear.

There is only 1 mono FX loop offered by the Kemper, so dual mode is not necessary for the H90. You should only need to connect the Kemper’s send to H90 input 1, and the Kemper’s return to H90 output 1. The Kemper’s FX loop is most likely line level, so you can configure the H90 to use line level, but there is no additional configuration necessary after that. You should double check all of you connections and consult the Kemper user manual if you are still having issues.

Let me know what happens.