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Today I gonna try it with an expression pedal. One thing I noticed yesterday: It seems to me that there is a little loss of gain/volume going on when I use this preset. You wrote that in mono it is recommended to use a compressor after it. Maybe the same is true in stereo mode. So the compressor then has to come from another unit. In my case I run my Quad Cortex into the H90. So I will try it with a compressor before the Dynaflanger or just a gain block. Anyway it is a lovely sound. I saw Zappa 1988 live in Cologne. Those were the times 😉
Apart from the Dynaflanger I got the impression that the Flanger Program “Flyby” brings you close to Zappas sound. I am not in front of my H90, but I think the name is flyby or something like that. Or what do you think? For example in Yo mama you hear a flanger, but it is not the sound of your Dynaflanger. I think this flyby preset brings you close to that sound. Am I right?

At 2:08 you hear the kind of flanger I mean:

I think you hear this kind of flanger a lot in Zappas 80’s music. Sometimes distorted like in Yo Mama, sometimes more clean. And I got the impression that he is using a single coil pick up for this sound, but I could be wrong because his modified Strat had also humbuckers and all kind of eq on board. All I can say is that I love this sound. I love for example the clean sound in Any kind of pain, but I am not sure whether he is using a flanger in this one as well or if it is just a nice icepick in the forehead clean sound 😉