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Just tried it again.  When I start up the device manager on my laptop, it tries to check for updates, and I’m still getting the message:

“Could not communicate with eventide server at



I tried checking the URL at both isitup.org and downforeveryoneorjustme.com and both of those sites say the server is down.


Separate from that, I tried plugging the Misha (after powering up with the User1 and Down buttons pressed, giving me the two white user lights) into the laptop, and it does not produce the characteristic sound when a USB device is added– which does work if I plug in a memory stick to the same port.  There is then no indication the Misha is attached to the laptop at all.

With my tower system, plugging the powered-up Misha into that, I get the characteristic sound, but also a Windows OS popup that the device is not recognized.   Starting up the Eventide Device Manager, it pauses for 5-10 seconds with a popup bar saying it’s checking for updates, and then the popup goes away without any further information and opens up the “Select Eventide Device” window, where no devices are shown.  Clicking on “Search for Devices” just instantly refreshes the empty devices window.  I then tried it with the firewall disabled and the antivirus program disabled, same results.

When I click on the “Device not recognized” OS popup, it takes me to the screen image I uploaded with this text where it shows the “Unknown Device”.  This USB port I use all the time for flash drive file copying so I know the port works.  I also tried the other port with the same results.



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