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Most of the images disappeared from posts when Eventide updated the forums. I used one of Brock’s presets above to try to replicate my M117 (old model) sound, although I wasn’t after the EVH stuff (and I’m honestly not that familiar with it, as I lean more toward the clove cigarettes, fog machines and pointy shoes than spandex and sneakers from that era. Big hair in either case though!) I haven’t been able to get the H9 / H90 to sound as substantial or “chewy” as the real deal, which has just has more churn/heft/body to the sound than the H9, which is more swirly than churny, if that makes any sense. I suspect than an eq with an emphasis on the low-mids would help in that regard. I lean heavily on the MXR so I continue to use the 117 or a (reissue) micro flanger live. I discovered that I’m really picky about flangers and have gone through a few to try and replicate the sound I like in the MXR, and everything has come up short, but the H9 comes closest. (see “tangent” below). I’ve attached the preset I edited here. I found that it is really helpful as you’re dialing it in to assign one of the parameters to the expression pedal and sweep through it as you’re playing to find where it sounds best. I also got fancy and put both the original MXR and the H9 in a boss LS-2 and switched back and forth. (I did a similar thing to try to replicate a CE-2. The fun starts when you get close and then hit the gas / engage light speed with the Eventide to take it somewhere else). Notes from when I first made it:

Attempt to knock the old, cranky MXR Flanger with a sketchy foot switch and volume drop off my board. Based on MXR settings: Manual = 9 o’clock / Speed = 9 / Width = noon / Regen. = 9 Not quite as full-bodied/chewy/magical as the original, but fairly close. Add delay to taste for some 17 Seconds/Faith-era Cure tones. https://www.eventideaudio.com/presets/?search=mxr+forest

Tangent: Since I use the MXR flanger all the time, I’ve also considered getting PastFX’s Hot for Flanger pedal and letting the Eventide handle other sounds. Haven’t tried it yet, but all their pedals have gotten great reviews and I’m blown away by their New Division (EHX Clone Theory update). Outstanding customer service, too.


Wow, thank you for the detailed reply. Yes it’s disappointing to read a post about the very setting you are seeking only to find the image of the settings has long since disappeared.

I’m happy with some of the pointy shoe stuff too, and will oscillate between that and my teen guitar hero EVH (a lot of great music from that decade). If you’re interested in a very quick sample of the Van Halen flanger sound, it’s in the intro to their song “Unchained”… The settings he used for that were apparently all knobs at 11:30. Except the Regen, which was at maximum. The original MXR has a very playful, alive character… Yes, chewy, as you describe it.

Thank you for the preset. Will certainly have a play around with it.

Yes, I’ve heard great things about the Hot For Flanger, and hoping to hear an actual side-by-side test with it, and an old “Reticon chip” MXR Flanger, doing the EVH sounds. Unfortunately the newer MXRs, even the striped EVH model simply don’t get the same sound as the original. If you do try the Hot For Flanger, please chime in here and leave a report or a link to a side-side video. Thank you again.