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Great. I hope it’s helpful, or at least a good starting point.


The H9 (and H90) are pretty incredible. I’ve found it more productive to approach it from a functional perspective rather than trying to mimic a particular pedal, i.e., I want this part to be swirly/flangy/unstable rather than sound exactly what pedal XY does. (And, frankly, I’ve not been able to nail the exact sounds anyway). The possibilities are (almost) limitless, but that also means there are less (easy) happy accidents with the MXR’s four knobs.

Alternately, I’ve also come to terms that the H9/H90 can function as (almost) anything, but it may be more efficient to use dedicated pedals for some sounds. For example, I have a Diamond Compressor as an always-on pedal. I could probably get an H9 to serve that purpose, but then it wouldn’t be free for other stuff. The same goes for a Boss DC-2 dimension chorus. Brock did some amazing work to get the feel of it with an H90, but it’s just easier to have the Boss pedal do that work. In other words, it’s not an either-or choice.