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Hello –

I’m going to follow up in Tyler’s place, as he is busy at present. We had a few more thoughts/questions:

– You could try a powered hub. Maybe there is a current draw issue and it needs more power.

– Are you using Service Pack 1 of Windows 7? One of us is successfully using Windows 7, Service Pack 1 to do the update.

– And just now I was able to use EDM successfully with PC (Windows 11 Home). I did hear a beep the moment I plugged it in.

– And just to confirm: you power Misha up in update mode, and THEN connect the cable, yes? It sounded like you were doing that

– Does a USB computer keyboard work on Misha? (To test this, you will need a usb computer keyboard and a USB-A gender changer to connect to the supplied cable from Eventide into the micro-USB jack, the same jack you use for updates). Keypresses on the computer keyboard then should trigger the various intervals, for example by default ‘d’=”+1″.) If that doesn’t work, it’s conceivable there is an issue with the USB port.

– And do you have any other Eventide devices that use EDM (pedals, etc.). Am curious if your computer recognizes them.

Thanks. Last question: where are you located?