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the question regards a wet dry wet rig (not wet dry)

one marshall for the dry signal + a 4×12 cabinet

and a power amp connected to 2 speaker cabinets for the wet left and right

since i will be using the switcher the pre/post options will be available for all of the pedals

that goes for the H90 too since it will be used in dual mode.

the idea is to use one path of the H90 (99 out of 100 times as a reverb algorithm) in the wet dry wet (wet part, at the end of the signal) and not connected to the switcher (since i will be using the midi to change patches)

but the signal routing must be the H90 (the path described above) to be used after the strymon timeline

the other path of the H90 will be on one of the switchers loops (send/return) therefore it can be assigned to be either post or pre as well as the position in the chain.