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Thanks for doing that test.

What you say about the USB port sounds increasingly likely to be true, unfortunately.

But just to be ultra rigorous about this:

Exactly what cable did you get?  It connects a usb keyboard to the Misha usb Jack, yes?  So it’s female USB-A to micro usb male, is that right?

What I am using is a “gender changer” adapter usb-a female to female, together with the supplied male usb-a to micro usb male cable.  If you are also using a gender changer together with the supplied cable, it could yet be that the supplied cable is the problem

But you mentioned a cable, not an adapter, so probably your analysis is right 

Off-hand I don’t know whether num lock should do anything when plugged into Misha, but by default, there ought to be a defined usb keyboard  map (setup/system/usb mapping), and then for example D is set to step 1, so pressing that should move you through the scale . Maybe double check that some keys like “D” are defined, and verify that they’re not working when you press them