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Two H90s … somehow you must have circumvented the unruly crowd just outside the gate.  I’m working on obtaining a second one myself, at some point.

No deep thought given to this, but your reply triggered a couple of ideas.  Digital distortion gets a bad rap online, but I’ve embraced them long ago (full disclosure: S/A MultiWave included, and Izotope Trash 2 ITB).  But the Eventide offerings aren’t too shabby, either.  Sometimes, it takes fine-tuning to get only a *little* distortion / fuzz out of them.

PitchFuzz will generate overtones, intervallic ‘harmonics’, octaves, detuning; three additional voices.  Add delay if you like.  One algorithm slot.

I find Sculpt useful, as you can split the high & low distortion bands across a stereo field.  Plus a compressor, wah pedal, envelope wah … still only half of one H90.  Add Polyphony in series, and selectively target ‘harmonics’ on each side.  Plus full delay capabilities.  Still only one of the H90s occupied.

CrushStation and WeedWacker are more about fine control over your distortion & EQ, although you can carve a great wah out of the first one.  Still, half of one H90, with 3 more ‘slots’ free.

There’s much more, but you get the idea.  That 2nd H90 is going to be more icing on the cake.  You can accomplish much of what you listed using just one of them.  So start thinking bigger than that.

Recorders … I have a handful here.  Wind instruments I could actually test out (and not very well, at that).  But I can make a few noises, as a source.