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      Via  a “Program” creation,…Can the H90 run TWO (2) polyphony algorithms simultaneously, (in order to generate 2 octaves down, 1 octave down, 1 octave up, and 2 octaves up, in addition to the the input pitch…?…(i.e. as does the Electroharmonix POG 2…?…)

      I play acoustic instruments, (wind instruments), which I must mic. and feed that signal into my Eventide “Mixing Link” Direct In box. …using a mono signal in —> mono out, signal path through a variety of different pedals…and back into the “Mixing Link”…which then “feeds” my amp. …


      Additionally, via a “Program” creation, can the H90 run any/all of the available algorithms simultaneously,


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      1).  Sure.  I’ve made Programs that simulate a POG architecture.  For all 4 octaves at once, plus input unison, you won’t get the EHX slow attack or filter-type attacks.  And in your use case, I’d use two PolyPhony instances in parallel.

      You ‘can’ use a single QuadraVox instance to generate all 4 octaves plus input, but the processing is less forgiving.  Especially with you using mic’ed, complex input like wind instruments.

      In Series, two PolyPhony instances can generate some very intense octaving.   But you are ‘processing the processing’ 2X, so the polyphonic accuracy starts to suffer.  More organ-esque.

      2).  Any of the (currently 62) algorithms, two of them at a time.  Loaded in Series, or in Parallel.  With the option to Insert another two inputs, mono or in stereo, anywhere in that signal chain.

      If you haven’t yet, check out the online manual.  It’s really complete, and well done:


      Approaching A-POGEE

      Polygamy Organ Donor


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