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I tried these two USB-A Female to micro USB male short adapter cables:





In order to check that these adapters were working properly, I combined each of them with this cable when connecting the keyboard to my Windows PC:


The point being, that this treats the combo of the adapters and the A-to-micro extension cable as an A-to-A extension cable that I could use with my keyboard in order to verify that the adapters were passing the keyboard signals to the PC as expected in case one of the adapters was bad or incorrect.  My PC doesn’t have micro-USB so in order to test a micro-usb adapter I needed to add the above extension cable in order to test the adapters.   Both adapters worked with the keyboard to my PC in this way, so I have some confidence that the adapters are working as expected.

The point of num-lock is that the fact the light changes on the keyboard when depressed suggests to me that the keyboard is actually getting power.  My thinking is, the num-lock is a local function that just toggles the feature within the keyboard and turns on the light.  Maybe that’s not the case and it sends a signal to the computer that then sends a signal back out USB to turn on the light?   I’m not sure about that, but that was what I was thinking– certainly it shows with the PC that the keyboard is powered at that point.   Maybe the fact that with the Misha there’s no num-lock logic in the Misha that would be necessary to turn on the light, but if it was a local function, power is all that should be required and I was trying to get some indication that the keyboard is getting power when connected to the Misha.

Checked keyboard setup, and keys appear to be defined– D and F in particular looked correct and I tried those– no response.

I noticed some other rather strange behavior.  If the keyboard is not connected to the Misha, powering it up goes through it’s boot-up light blinking sequence, and it’s pretty quick.  Looks like it takes about 4 to 5 seconds to complete the boot up sequence.   If the keyboard is pre-attached to the Misha on power up, the light sequence takes quite a bit longer– runs in slow motion, pausing on each light for about a second– the whole sequence lasting about 20 seconds before it completes.

In addition, regardless of whether or not the keyboard was plugged in advance of power up or not, if the keyboard is attached, pushing the up/down buttons is somewhat impaired– you have to hold the button a little or it’ll miss the fact that you pressed it– when without the keyboard, response when pressing a button is quick and I’ve not seen it miss one because I didn’t hold it down long enough.   Not sure what this means but it seems that the fact the keyboard is connected to USB is causing something to delay processing even of non-keyboard events.