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So it’s always a bit embarring when you post a question (out of frustration) and then…kind of figure it out. Not that I have completely figured it out, and certainly open to input and suggestions, so please share any tips/tricks/insights you might have. I’ll leave this thread open in case it helps others.

What I discovered (user error on me) was I had to expand the range of the Melodicer (there is a range setting) and once I did this (out of desperation) BINGO! Misha started to play notes up and down the Misha scale. Sounds great playing DecentSampler piano now.

How things are set in MISHA:

  • CV in X
  • Range 0->+5V
  • Linking (Linked (Trigger))
  • CV Function: Translate
  • T/G Active State: Normal
  • Tigger Function: Interval Keys
  • Trigger Mapping (default settings I assume) 1-11
    • Move
    • Pitch
    • -5 to 5

Still would like to read the “comprehensive list of functions” if anyone can find that.

Thanks again.