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Thank you so much for your super fast reply

I already know that AUX switch is able to be used as Bank Up and down switch

But it is inconvenient to call a preset in two steps during a performance. That’s why I’m using a MIDI switcher despite the lack of space on my pedalboard. It would be really convenient to be able to call 5 presets right away in any way. I don’t know how others use it, but I don’t really need more than 5 settings in one performance.
If I can use 5 presets right away, I don’t have to cross banks. In fact, this method is already used by Fractal Audio. Fractal allows customers to determine the number of presets that can be stored in one bank.
Is it also impossible to assign any number of preset to the H90’s 3 switches and two Aux switches?

Thank you