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Thank you for the quick answer. I was able to reboot successfully! Keep the steps as a record. Prepare H90 control on PC. → Put the H90 in recovery mode and connect it to the PC (H90 control) → Message that the version of the main unit is old and that you should update it. → 5 versions have been developed, so even if you implement the newest one, it is NG. The power on the main unit side turns off automatically and turns on again in recovery mode. → Select the oldest version and update. → success. However, since it is still outdated on the computer, it is requested to update. → Update to the latest version again. → boot successfully. Setup is also possible on a PC. Apparently, it seems that it is not good to update only the newest one. I think it depends on the state of the main unit, but it may be better to strongly recommend that the products sold as of May 2023 be updated immediately after purchase. I am a Japanese user. It’s been pretty difficult to get to this point. I would like to ask for the creation of an environment that makes it easy for users in other countries, including Japanese users, to update. Thank you for this time.